Canadian Hemlock - Privacy Trees for Shady Locations

Canadian Hemlock grow best in zones 3 to 7, according to all web sites I have found. By my own observations, they actually do best in zones 3 through 6. In North Carolina, for example I only see them growing naturally in the mountains, where it is zone 6a. My advice if you are in zone 6b or higher and have a shady location to screen, consider Nellie Stevens Hollies instead.

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2. THE DESIGNING PHASE. In designing an artificial lawn, you have to consider the adequacy of the drainage; you may consider putting up more drains, modifying the drains or adding more sloping. Check the soil condition whether it is soft or wet, or whether there's a need for you to take away large rocks from the ground. Identify the location of the irrigation lines and the electrical conduit beneath the ground so you can avoid damaging them during installation. More importantly, see if there are ground animals around, such as dogs and cats that can mess up the artificial turf when installed.

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